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The charcoal igniter is suitable for use with any size, but especially with Primo ceramic charcoal grills. Just light the coals, let them burn and pour them into the grill. To protect your hands from the heat, a rubberized heat deflector and a wooden handle are provided.


  • 30.48 cm height
  • 23-inch waist
  • Prepare up to 130 charcoal briquettes in a few minutes
  • Steel structure
  • Heat deflector protection helps protect the handle
  • The bottom of the basket is 11.43 cm from the bottom, which ensures sufficient air flow.



Directions:  Use tk outdoors. Fill the charcoal lighter bag halfway with charcoal. Place the bag over the burner of the Camp Chef stove or stuff crumpled newspaper under the grate of the bag. Apply on a dry, fireproof surface. When the tips of the coals turn white, pour the coals into the grill.