Gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue 365, black

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A compact and stylish grill with 2 folding stainless steel side tables takes up very little space, but has all the most important functions of grills and fully meets the needs of both the amateur and the professional grill master.

The gas grill Rogue 365 is perfect for grilling various dishes and smoking food. The grill has 2 burners with a total power of 10.5 kW. Spicy, well-heated, branded NAPOLEON grill will allow you to perfectly cook steaks and any other dishes with a perfect grill pattern.

The lid has an integrated "Accu-Probe" sensor with temperature scales: you will know exactly when the food has reached the right temperature, so the dishes will be delicious and juicy!

Gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue 365 will become a hobby after the first grilling experience - NAPOLEON makes every effort to make both the cooking process and the result enjoyable.


  • Manufacturer: Napoleon
  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Code: R365PK
  • Fuel: propane (liquefied gas in cylinders)
  • Color - black
  • 2 solid, stainless steel burners: 10.5 kW
  • Main cast iron grill: 51 × 46 cm. Holds 12 large steaks or even 22 hamburger patties - you will serve a meal to a large group of friends at the same time.
  • Gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue 365 has 2 folding side shelves made of stainless steel.
  • Convenient aluminum grease collection system - with replaceable pan, accessible from the front of the grill.
  • The plates above the gas burners protect them from possible fat dripping and ensure even temperature distribution throughout the cooking area.
  • Reliable Accu-Probe temperature sensor built into the grill lid.
  • "Jet Fire" ignition system - so that the NAPOLEON Rogue 365 gas grill always lights up the first time.
  • For those who like smoked food, we recommend additionally purchasing a cast iron smoking/coal tray (product code – 67732 ). The grill will turn into a charcoal/gas grill: you can smoke your food directly over burning coals. You will undoubtedly give the dishes a rich smoky aroma.
  • Height with lid down/up: 120/160 cm
  • Width raised / folded shelf: 122 / 82 cm
  • Height: 63.50 cm


    NAPOLEON Rogue, BILEX485, BILEX605 and PRO605CSS grills come with a 15-year limited warranty.

    The following parts are covered by a 15-year warranty:
    Aluminum alloy/stainless steel profiles;
    Stainless steel cover;
    Porcelain enamel lid;
    Stainless steel grills;

    A 10-year warranty is provided for stainless steel gas burners.

    The following parts are covered by a 5-year warranty:
    Protective plates for stainless steel gas burners;
    Cast iron grill covered with porcelain enamel;
    Ceramic infrared burners (excluding screen mesh);

    If you need to purchase any part of the NAPOLEON grill within 15 years (with a 10- and 5-year warranty), we apply a 50% discount.

    All other parts not mentioned are guaranteed for 2 years (excluding batteries and light bulbs)

    Product code R365PK