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Kamado grill "Primo Oval LG 300 all in one" - sold with side shelves, trolley with wheels, grill, tongs, two-sided, divided heat deflector. This is how it differs from the " stand alone " version 

This kamado is a great choice when you need to prepare a meal for a family of 2-10 people. Insert the firebox tab into the firebox and your kamado and you will have two cooking areas. You will cook on one side over direct heat and on the other over indirect heat.

Which kamado you know can do this? Yes, only Primo Ceramic Grillsoffers an oval-shaped kamado. Roast, bake, grill or smoke steaks and vegetables using additional grill systems. This kamado will make you happy every day 

You will fry 10 - 20 cutlets!


Area for baking 300 square inches 1,935cm2
+laikiklio sistema 195 square inches 1,258cm2
Total area 495 square inches 3,193cm2
Baking powder 15″ x 22″ 38cm x 56cm