Gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue SE 525

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Black elegant gas grill - with the possibility of smoking fish, frying steak, and evenly distributes the temperature over the entire cooking area for other grilled dishes!

The upgraded NAPOLEON Rogue SE525RSIBPK-1 gas grill with a practical black design has 4 main burners, a Sizzle Zone burner and an internal infrared burner for the rotating spit system.

The grilling experience and maintenance will certainly be pleasant and easy: the black gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue SE525RSIBPK-1 has a grease collection system, one folding table top, an integrated thermometer and a huge cooking area of ​​74 x 45 cm!

New: bacon "Sizzle zone" with a larger cooking area!

New: modern design in practical black!

New: larger second floor warming rack!

New: side tables with a larger area!

New: higher grill cover!


  • Manufacturer: Napoleon
  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Code: SE525RSIBPK-1
  • Fuel: propane (liquefied gas in cylinders)
  • Color: black porcelain enamel
  • Height with lid down/up: 123/160 cm
  • Width raised / folded shelf: 154 / 127 cm
  • Height: 64 cm
  • Weight: 79 kg
  • Folding side shelves: 1
  • 74 x 45 cm, 6 mm stainless steel main grill. It's a huge cooking surface that can hold 18 large steaks or even 33 hamburger patties - the black NAPOLEON Rogue SE525RSIBPK-1 gas grill is perfect for garden parties!
  • 4 main burners, 1 side Sizzle Zone burner and 1 internal infrared ceramic burner for rotating spit. The fork is purchased separately.
  • The black gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue SE525RSIBPK-1 is perfect for grilling steaks - the infrared ceramic Sizzle Zone burner reaches a temperature of up to 800 degrees. The cooking area of ​​the cast iron grill of the burner is 24 x 37 cm.
  • The Accu Probe thermometer is built into the black enamel cover.
  • 7mm thick stainless steel "Wave" curved design main grill.
  • Napoleon gas grills can also smoke: additionally integrate a special cast iron smoking tray (Cast iron Charcoal/Smoker Tray 67732) and enjoy smoked food. You can smoke with both gas and charcoal.
  • What makes Napoleon Rogue series grills different from others? All models have a side folding tabletop, an aluminum grease management system with a tray, and the set also includes a spice holder for storing your favorite spices.
  • The black gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue SE525RSIBPK-1 has a patented indirect cooking plate system that ensures even temperature distribution in the cooking zone and protects the gas burners from dripping fat. By the way, all Rogue grills have thick-walled, stainless steel gas burners, a reliable Jetfire ignition system, and an Accu-Probe temperature sensor.
  • Convenient LED lighting of the panel's control wheels is integrated into the grill.


    NAPOLEON Rogue, BILEX485, BILEX605 and PRO605CSS grills come with a 15-year limited warranty.

    The following parts are covered by a 15-year warranty:
    Aluminum alloy/stainless steel profiles;
    Stainless steel cover;
    Porcelain enamel lid;
    Stainless steel grills;

    A 10-year warranty is provided for stainless steel gas burners.

    The following parts are covered by a 5-year warranty:
    Protective plates for stainless steel gas burners;
    Cast iron grill covered with porcelain enamel;
    Ceramic infrared burners (excluding screen mesh);

    If you need to purchase any part of the NAPOLEON grill within 15 years (with a 10- and 5-year warranty), we apply a 50% discount.

    All other parts not mentioned are guaranteed for 2 years (excluding batteries and light bulbs)