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Kamado grills have a long history dating back thousands of years. Kamado's origins in Japan where they were known as "kamado" or "kamado-kamado". These traditional clay or ceramic grills were used to prepare food, especially at festive events. The word "kamado" comes from the Japanese word "kamado" meaning "cooker" or "pan". These grills were valued for their unique ability to regulate temperature and retain heat. Modern kamado grills preserve this ancient tradition by combining traditional design elements with modern innovations, bringing people a unique taste of food

How to choose a quality Kamado grill?


Kamado barbecues are unique due to their design and functionality, so when choosing this barbecue, it is important to pay attention to several important aspects that will guarantee high quality and durability.


Material Quality

The main indicator by which a Kamado grill should be judged is the quality of the materials used in its production. Kamado grills of the highest quality are made of thick ceramic materials. Ceramics ensure excellent heat insulation and even cooking. It is also important to pay attention to the fasteners of the cover and body - they should be durable and resistant to corrosion. If the manufacturer uses stainless steel metal, paints the barbecue in different colors, it will not be a reliable product.


Sienelių Storis

Wall thickness is another important indicator of quality. Thicker walls mean better thermal insulation and more efficient use of fuel. They also ensure the longevity and durability of the grill. Be careful, we have seen cheap products with hollow walls.


Heat management

Effective air flow control allows precise temperature control during cooking. High-quality Kamado grills should have reliable, easily adjustable air dampers and lid seals. These parts ensure that the grill maintains a constant temperature and holds the smoke well when smoking food, which is essential to achieve the best taste. The shutters must tightly close the openings so that the coals are extinguished after cooking and remain for the next cooking. Quality barbecues are equipped with cast iron chimneys. They are usually easy to remove.  Pay attention to the barbecue thermometer. It must be easily removed and calibrated if necessary. If the thermometer is disposable, then avoid this product.


Attachments and Additional Features

When choosing a Kamado barbecue, it is worth considering the accessories and additional functions offered. Don't be overwhelmed by the abundance of extras on offer. Often it is just a marketing trick. The "free extras" you get can sometimes sit on the shelf for years.  Often, all grills are equipped with various accessories, such as food thermometers, grills, pizza stones, etc. These accessories can expand the cooking possibilities and facilitate the use of the grill. Or maybe it's better to get a better price instead of extras. And accessories can be purchased later when needed.


Manufacturer Reputation

The manufacturer's reputation and warranty conditions are also important indicators when choosing a Kamado grill. Trust well-known manufacturers that offer long warranties and good after-sales service. Such manufacturers invest in the quality of their products and constantly improve their technologies. Primo Ceramic Grills offers a 20-year warranty on all ceramics.


Advantages of Oval Shaped Kamado Grills

When choosing a Kamado grill, it is worth choosing an oval model. Oval-shaped grills offer more flexibility and space, allowing you to cook larger quantities of food or several different dishes at the same time. This shape allows better control of heat distribution, which is especially important if you want to fry several different foods at the same time. Oval-shaped Kamado barbecues also often have additional grills and accessories that further expand their possibilities of use.


 Why invest in a more expensive Kamado grill?

While more expensive Kamado grills may cost more, they often offer higher quality, longer life, and better grilling capabilities. By investing in a quality Kamado grill, you'll get an appliance that will last for years and deliver great results every time you grill. In addition, high-quality Kamado grills can be used for various cooking methods - from grilling to smoking, pizza, bread, cakes. The oval-shaped Kamado grills offer even more flexibility and functionality, making them a worthy investment for any true grilling enthusiast.