Maintenance and preparation of cast iron Utensils and other products made of cast iron


Cast iron cookware is valuable not only for its unique properties, but also for its durability. These dishes are not only practical, but also friendly to the environment and your health. In order to properly care for cast iron cookware, it is important to follow certain guidelines.

Preparation of cast iron pans for use

Preparation: Wash the cast iron pan with warm water and a soft sponge. Then wipe dry.

Heat the oven or Primo Ceramic Grill to 180-200 degrees (use the direct fire deflector). Put the cast iron pan in the grill or oven, set the temperature to 180-200 degrees and leave it for an hour (if it's a pan or pot, put it upside down).

After an hour, take it out, let the cast iron pan cool a little. Using a paper towel or clean cloth, coat the pan with oil. Any cooking oil (rapeseed, linseed) is suitable.

Repeat the same process two to three times. Heat, let cool, spread, heat and let cool again. After 2-3 times, the container will be ready for use.

Allow the container to cool. The container will be ready for use.


 Rules for using cast iron cookware

Heated cast iron cookware should not be cooled suddenly. They may be missing. Therefore, let them cool down naturally.  

Maintenance: After each cooking and baking, thoroughly wash and dry the container, and then grease it with oil. Use a paper towel. If you don't smear it, the cast iron pan will get covered with rust.

Renewal of Ancient India

Old cast iron dishes can be renewed using a metal brush or sandpaper. Scrub the cast iron pan and repeat the above process.

Proper care of cast iron cookware can ensure that it will last for many years. Your meals will be tasty and healthy,