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This is a traditional 18.5″ Kamado-style grill with an ergonomic handle, a sturdy stand, FDA-approved food-safe side tables, a cleaner for cleaning ash, and a convenient lift for hot grills. This kamado grill can also be purchased separately in addition to the listed accessories. Kamado grills are very easy to use

This model will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of the Primo kamado, as it can be equipped with most barbecue accessories. Do you smoke fish, bake bread, grill a steak? With Primo Ceramic grill it is extremely easy!

Primo ceramic grill - the best kamado grill price among premium grills

You will fry 10 - 12 cutlets!


Area for baking 280 square inches 1,739cm2
Baking powder 18.5 inches diameter 47cm